Opera Index Vocal Competition

Opera Index, Inc. is a tax exempt corporation whose mission is to assist young singers at the early stages of their careers with cash awards.

The Major Awards are: $10,000; $7,500; $5,000; $4,000, $3,500, and $3,000. Emerging Artist Awards are $2,000 each. Encouragement Awards are $1,000 each.

2015 Opera Index Vocal Competition Winners

At the 2015 Opera Index Vocal Competition, eighty-eight young singers were heard during the preliminary auditions and twenty-seven during the final audition day. Prizes were given to seventeen young singers. The winners are showcased at our three major events.


The Premier Lissner Charitable Fund Award - $10,000
Will Liverman, baritone

The Opera Index Award - $10,000
Sean Michael Plumb, baritone

The Arthur E. Walters Memorial Award - $7,500
Siman Chung, countertenor

The Lissner Charitable Fund Award - $5,000
Samantha Hankey, mezzo-soprano

The Robert F. Crosby Memorial Award - $4,000
Jonas Hacker, tenor

The Dr. Robert Campbell/Cesare Santeramo Award - $3,000
Robert Watson, tenor


Susanna Biller, soprano

Sol Jin, baritone

Megan Marino, mezzo-soprano

Mario Rojas, tenor

Shea Owens, baritone

Underwritten by: Jane Shaulis & Joseph S. Gasperec, The American Wagner Association, and Opera Index Members


Meryl Dominguez, soprano

Maya Yahav Gour, mezzo-soprano

Alexa Jarvis, soprano

Alasdair Kent, tenor

Daniel Miroslaw, bass

Galeano Salas, tenor

Underwritten by: Maude Davis; Doris Keeley; Meche Kroop; Sachi Liebergesell, and Opera Index Members.

Opera Index, Inc.

PO Box 237153
Ansonia Station, NY NY 10023


Opera Index Officers

President: Jane Shaulis; Vice Presidents: Janet Stovin, Philip Hagemann; Recording Secretary: Stephen Phebus; Treasurer: Murray Rosenthal

Board of Directors

Ellen Godfrey, Philip Hagemann, Richard C. Kandel, John David Metcalfe, Mark Moorman, Stephen Phebus, Murray Rosenthal, Jane Shaulis, Robert Steiner, Janet Stovin, Jessie B. Walker.

Advisory Board

Lucine Amara, Ken Benson, Elisabeth Carron, Stephen De Maio, Rosalind Elias, Cori Ellison, Elaine Malbin, Jane Marsh, Eric Owens, Eve Queler, Elinor Ross, Midge Woolsey.

Executive Director

Joseph S. Gasperec

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